Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Installing Ruby On Rails in windows machines

I dedicate this post to my friends who can't afford to buy a mac or not experienced enough to work on Linux machines

In my virtual box I tried to reproduce the installation of Ruby on Rails on Windows XP.
Because the framework evolved from my last windows installation I realized that some things have become simpler to install and additional things needed to be installed.

Here are the steps which are needed to get a ready to enjoy Ruby On Rails environment on Windows machines:

Download ruby:
Install it. (The default instalation directory will be C:\Ruby193)

Download devkit for ruby form this location:
Install it to c:/Webkit (important that the directory can't contain spaces)
Put C:\Ruby193\bin and c:\Devkit\bin in your path. (My computer -> properties -> 'environmental variables')

Run these commands from a newly opened command prompt:
cd c:\Devkit
ruby dk.rb init
ruby dk.rb review
ruby dk.rb install

Now you can install rails by doing "gem install rails". (If you previously tried to install anything without having the devkit installed then please empty your ruby gems directories. Usually they are here: C:\Ruby193\lib\ruby\gems\1.9.1)

gem update --system
gem install rubygems-update

rails new hello_world